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A&M Flooring LLC has been located at the exact same address since 1991. The previous owner has built a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy company with business in every direction. We have done anything from city hall's to homes, to hotels. As a company, we have no limits. No job will ever be too small nor  too large. The company is now under new ownership by a person who has 18 years of experience in the installation field and flooring field and the staff has a combined 52 years in the flooring industry!  This is most beneficial to the company and the consumer for multiple reasons

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  • We were always the last people on every job, thus allowing us to hear how the previous companies could have improved.
  • We have seen where all the previous companies have made mistakes, and most importantly, why those mistakes were made. 
  • We understand and respect that it's your home. Thus explaining the common courtesy and professionalism that all our installers will display to each customer.

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  • Most importantly, since I used to be an installer, I can confidently advise the best layouts. Meaning you're never overpaying, or coming up short. 
  • Also, we are a small local family owned company. How's this benefit you? Your money stays local obviously, but more importantly, we relate to each customer on a personal level, giving each customer the time they deserve. 


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